Report a complaint

Centraal Invorderings Bureau continuously strives to improve its services. Do you have a complaint about our method? We would appreciate it if you could let us know. You can do this by filling in the complaint form. We use a complaint procedure in accordance with the Code of Conduct of the Dutch Association of Debt Collection Companies (NVI).

Complaint procedure

Centraal Invorderings Bureau will send you an acknowledgment of receipt within 5 days of receiving your complaint. In this confirmation we indicate that you receive a substantive response from us within 15 working days. If these 15 working days are not feasible, we will notify you in writing. If you are dissatisfied with the handling of your complaint, report your complaint after receiving the written response to the Dutch Association of Collection Companies (NVI) or the Complaints Institute for Certified Collection Services (KIGID). We advise you to check beforehand if they can handle your complaint.

Pay attention!

Complaint forms that do not contain a valid e-mail address or postal address cannot be processed by our office and will be removed. The following complaint form is only intended for complaints about the conduct of the Centraal Invorderings Bureau. If you wish to object to the received reminder or the basis of the outstanding invoice, please fill in the objection form on this website.

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